Comics and Authorship: An Introduction

  • Maaheen Ahmed Ghent University


If media authorship can be understood "as a site of cultural tension" (Johnson and Gray 2013, 10), then a deeper understanding of comics authorship will also provide clues regarding the sustaining—and constraining— of creative practices in other media ecologies and intermedial interactions (such as, for instance, adaptations). For comics, this implies combining insights from comics scholars, practitioners as well as agents involved in the publication and dissemination of comics. This issue, building on the findings of extant scholarship on authorship in comics and other media, hopes to provide incentive for further adventures into the (almost) unknown of comics authorship.

Author Biography

Maaheen Ahmed, Ghent University
Maaheen Ahmed (Research Foundation Flanders – FWO / Ghent University) is currently working on possibilities for conceptualizing the relationship between comics and different kinds of memories, ranging from personal memories to collective and medium-specific ones. With Benoît Crucifix, she is co-editing a critical anthology on this topic titled, Comics Memory: Archives and Styles (under contract with Palgrave Macmillan). Her main books include Openness of Comics (UP of Mississippi 2016) and Le Statut culturel de la bande dessinée/The Cultural Standing of Comics (Academia/L'Harmattan 2017), co-edited with Stéphanie Delneste and Jean-Louis Tilleuil and nominated for the Prix Papiers Nickelés. She recently received an ERC Starting Grant for her project on children in European comics.
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