A Descriptive Bibliography of British and Irish Editions of Isaac Watts’s Divine Songs (1715–ca. 1830)

  • Tielke Uvin Ghent University


Isaac Watts’s Divine Songs, Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children (1715) represents a pivotal point in the history of children’s literature. This bibliography, a product of the author’s doctoral research, provides a detailed list of British and Irish issues of Divine Songs published between 1715, the year in which the first edition was issued, and ca. 1835. It takes advantage of contemporary research tools to update and revise earlier work by Wilbur Macey Stone (1918) and John Henry Pyle Pafford (1971) and significantly expands their bibliographies. In contrast to Stone’s and Pafford’s work, this bibliography offers more detailed descriptions. It is intended to be used on its own or as a reference list during library work.

Author Biography

Tielke Uvin, Ghent University

Tielke Uvin recently obtained her PhD in literary studies from Ghent University. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled Cheap Print and Mass Instruction: Isaac Watt’s Divine Songs and the Dissemination of Literary Culture, 1715-ca. 1835 offers a publishing and mediation history of Watts’s Divine Songs and demonstrates how the the cheap reprinting of Watts’s work contributed to the author’s lasting reputation. Tielke’s research interests include book history, book illustration, and cheap print. Her research especially focuses on the republication of literary works in accessible forms, and on how such reprints affect canon formation.

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