Authorship 2021-02-28T13:44:44+01:00 Gert Buelens Open Journal Systems Authorship aims to offer a venue in which to describe diverse historical and discursive settings of authorship, and to grapple with the complex issues of authorial authority, independence or interdependence, and self-fashioning. "RÊVE (Romantic Europe: The Virtual Exhibition): Romantic Authorship.” 2021-02-02T13:41:10+01:00 Alice Rhodes <p>A review essay by <em>European Romanticisms in Association</em> Alice Rhodes on the virtual exhibition "Romantic Authorship", discussing its principles and aims.</p> 2020-12-23T01:00:00+01:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Alice Rhodes “A Fine, Sunshiny Night": 2021-02-14T13:43:11+01:00 Kathleen Kasten-Mutkus <p>The Third Franklin Expedition of the British Royal Navy set sail in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage.&nbsp; There were no survivors of the expedition, and nearly all records associated with it were lost.&nbsp; This personal and textual disappearance severed the narrative control of those who participated in the expedition and sought to write about their experiences.&nbsp; This article examines the authorship and the authorial afterlife of Captain James Fitzjames, an officer of the Third Franklin Expedition, with an emphasis on the ways in which Fitzjames’ legacy has been contextualized and recontextualized across time, discourse, and format.</p> 2021-02-13T16:27:34+01:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Kathleen Kasten-Mutkus Female Authorship in Modern Fiction: 2021-02-28T13:44:44+01:00 Ingo Berensmeyer <p>This article reads Stevie Smith’s <em>Novel on Yellow Paper</em> in the context of modernist literary authorship and against the historical background of scenarios of female authorship in British fiction. It focuses on strategies of women’s writing as embodied in Smith’s protagonist, Pompey Casmilus. In a period in which the category of “woman writer” was firmly associated with middlebrow sentimentality, Smith explores formal and material constraints on women as authors of fiction. In its diagnosis of the publishing world, the segregation of readerly tastes, and the constraints of established generic forms, <em>Novel on Yellow Paper</em> confronts the modern(ist) predicament of female authorship in novel ways.</p> 2021-02-27T18:28:55+01:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Ingo Berensmeyer Mingchao Mao, Friedrich Hebbels Arbeit an Schiller. Die Schiller-Rezeption in Hebbels Ästhetik und Dramatik. De Gruyter, 2019. 2021-02-02T13:41:09+01:00 Maria Giovanna Campobasso <p>A review of Mingchao Mao, <em>Friedrich Hebbels Arbeit an Schiller. Die Schiller-Rezeption in Hebbels Ästhetik und Dramatik</em>. De Gruyter, 2019.</p> 2020-12-23T01:00:00+01:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Maria Giovanna Campobasso